About us

Maataf is a non-profit organization. It is public fellowship recognized and assisted by government ministry of Israel: Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport.


Mr. Yosef Ben Israel founded the fellowship in 1985.


Mr. Zion Shlomi the former Director of Maataf.


Mr. Zion Shlomi is also the Director of FIDAF European Section.


The Aims of the Fellowship:


1. Preservation, Cultivation and Encouragement of different Israeli ethnic customs

    and folklore.


2. Propagating Israeli folklore throughout the world.


3. Engendering fraternity among various nations by means of culture.


4. Bringing world folklore to Israel's cities, towns and settlements.


The functions of the Fellowship:


1. The International Folklore Festival.


2. Cultural Exchanges - dispatching of Israeli ensembles to represent the State of

    Israel in functions and festivals around the world. 


26.06.2019 | 19:30
Performance in the Druze village Yirka
28.06.2019 | 19:30
Performance in the Druze village of Hurfeish
29.06.2019 | 10:00
29.06.2019 | 19:30
Performance in the Druze village of Yanu-Jatt
30.06.2019 | 19:30
Performance in Upper Nazareth
02.07.2019 | 19:30
Performance in Dimona
03.07.2019 | 10:00
Performance at the Mann Auditorium in Petah Tikva
03.07.2019 | 19:00
Performance in Carmiel